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Why You Should Live In a Midwest State

The demographics of America are changing. Many people have started to flock to major metropolitan areas and their surrounding suburbs. Traditionally these big cities are located in the Northeast or on the West Coast. Despite the many perks that these cities offer, they often come with some disadvantages as well. Some of the main complaints people have about these areas relate to the cost of living and overcrowding. Thankfully for those that don’t want to deal with these problems, there are alternatives. One particularly attractive alternative is the Midwest. What exactly makes the Midwest such a great alternative? Here’s why you should live in a Midwest state.

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Cost of Living
One of the biggest attractions of the Midwest is the reduced cost of living in the area. On average, the Midwest has a lower cost of living than more populous regions like the northeast or west coast. Houses and real estate are typically much cheaper in the Midwest as well, making it much easier to purchase Cleveland real estate than Manhattan real estate. This is especially attractive for young people that have found themselves unable to afford rising housing costs. Purchasing a home in the Midwest can be a great way to find a good deal on your first home, and the lowered cost of living in the area can help you save even more money. If you really want to live in an area with low housing prices and low cost of living, then the Midwest should be on the top of your list. 

Another positive of the Midwest is the close-knit communities and cultures that it has created. The Midwest is typically thought of as the perfect embodiment of “Smalltown, USA”. Midwestern communities are typically small and close-knit, being extremely friendly and welcoming. This is a stark contrast to the bad reputation that the residents and communities of larger cities have gotten over the years. If you want to move into a tight community that allows you to form close relationships with your neighbors, then moving to the Midwest may be a great idea.

Four Seasons
Although some people prefer the climate to be warm all year round, not everyone feels that way. As some flock to California and Florida for the fall and winter, others cozy up and enjoy the beautiful falling leaves and snow. There’s just something special about experiencing all four seasons. The changing weather allows for some difference in your life, rather than being exposed to basically the same climate all year round. In addition, it offers some beautiful sights, like the changing of leaves in the fall or seeing beautiful snowfall in the winter. If you’re someone who wants to experience all four seasons where you live, then the Midwest will be perfect for you.

Another big positive of the Midwest is the freedom that it offers its residents. The Midwest is not as densely populated as other areas of America like the northeast and west coast. As a result there is much more room to breathe and freedom to move around. This can make life in the Midwest much less hectic and stressful. Some people like the world to be bustling around them, but others prefer the peace, quiet, and freedom of the calm outdoors. If the latter sounds perfect to you, then the Midwest may be right up your alley.

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