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Sharp Philippines Corporation Officially Launches Better Solution for a Better Life Line of Products

For 37 years, Sharp Philippines Corporation (SPC) has been committed to its goal of giving convenience and ease to the Filipino household. The brand is one of the most trusted by the Pinoys because it continues to evolve and develop its technology to make a significant effect in everyday living.

On Sharp's road to its 4th decade in the industry, it has achieved a lot of milestones and the newest is the launching of the products which they categorize as "Better Solution for a Better Life." These products were introduced last July, 2019 but most are not yet available locally. Now, SPC proudly announced the availability of these innovative products locally.

Sharp's Healsio

SPC's products are categorized into four sections which they refer to as Solutions. The Solutions seeks to address the needs of consumers and they are as follows : 
  • Entertainment Solution
  • Clean & Comfort Solution
  • Health & Beauty Solution
  • Business Solution
Though SHARP's global direction is to bring in the latest products with 8K and AloT technology, the company also devotes its resources in coming up with items packed with technologies that enable efficiency, provide comfort and promote good health.

In the event held at the Madison Galleries Lifestyle Malls, hosted by Ms. Giselle Sanchez; The audience was treated to a visual display as well as live demonstrations conducted by their
corresponding Product Specialists, showcasing the features and capability of the items.

  • Entertainment Solutions

Having introduced the AQUOS 8K LED TV for the Filipino market last July, SHARP now presents its Artificial Intelligence of Things (AloT) series of Full HD and 4K HDR Android Televisions.

Eligible Android TVs are Google Assistant ready, enabling users to interact with
their devices and perform tasks such as playing music/videos, searching for the latest news
among others, all hands-free. The new line of Android TVs comes with features such a
Comfort Mode, a special AV Mode that reduces 50% of blue light it also has an Advance
Bluetooth version, which allows users to connect the television to their external Bluetooth speakers.

You can have your own personal cinematic sound system with the AQUOS Sound Partner AN-SX7A. It is compatible with a wide variety of devices and is extremely portable, resting comfortably on one's shoulders. The Acoustic Vibration System provides powerful sound and heavy bass, ensuring an immersive audio-visual experience that is perfect when you are playing video games or enjoying the latest shows on Netflix.

  • Clean & Comfort Solutions 

    Personal hygiene is an important aspect in a Filipino's life. Apart from ensuring the cleanliness of our own being, we want this to be reflected in our homes as well; a place considered as a sanctuary for individuals and families alike.
    SPC has your well-being in mind, that is why they develop products that help achieve and
    maintain a fresh, comfortable environment.

    These are: Washing Machines, Ractive Air Vacuum
    Cleaner, Mite Catcher, Air-conditioner with AloT J-Tech Inverter Technology and Air
    Purifier/Cleaner equipped with SHARP's original Plasmacluster lon Technology.

    The application or use of these products are not only limited to homes, as they can also be
    utilized in venues such as offices, schools, hospitals and other establishments with high population densities, sure to benefit its occupants.

    • Health & Beauty Solutions
    We try to keep ourselves healthy through proper exercise and an appropriate diet. This also reflects on the food that we consume and how it is cooked.

    With SHARP's Healsio Hotcook, healthy cooking is made possible as the natural moisture and original flavor from ingredients together with its nutritional values are retained, compared to conventional cooking.

    Dishes are hassle-free, with automatic control and various cooking programs depending on your menu.

    Just place all the necessary ingredients and wait until it is finished.

    Looking good is also tantamount to feeling good. When we exert even the littlest effort in fixing ourselves up, be it reporting to work every day or attending an event, we feel much more confident in facing the world.

    Beauty appliances for women, such as the Hair Dryer, Hair Iron and Curling lon with Plasmacluster feature lessens dirt and prevents hair damage. The Scalp Massager on the other hand, reduces dry scalp and keeps our hair healthy.

    • Business Solution
    Understanding the needs of businesses, SHARP also has dedicated products that cater to the

    Corporate sector through their dynamic displays that project clear and beautiful images for

    application as digital signages or for business meetings via the internet

    SHARP has also acquired and further developed the Dynabook Laptop, designed for business
    professionals and workplace environments.

    Combining their technologies (displays, sensors etc) with that of Toshiba, they seek to produce market-leading computers and other devices. The Dynabook features a thin design with a long-lasting battery and is rated with MIL-STD-810G for utmost durability.

    After the presentation, the crowd was entertained by the witty jokes from Alex Calleja and an energizing dance number from Sharp Angels.

    Committed to quality and innovation, SHARP will continue to develop products that will bring Better Solutions for a Better Life to consumers.

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