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SONY Philippines brings Total Vlogging Solutions to Content Creators

The leading camera brand held the first-ever #VlogWithSony event at the Blue Leaf Pavilion in Taguig. It gathered about 100 of the country'smost sought-after content creators and rising Youtuber stars to welcome the kick-off of the "Total Vlogging Solutions".

One of the highlights of the event was the talk of the Actor-slash-lifestyle Youtuber Vince Vandrope on how to deliver the best videos that inspire, empower, and appeal to specific audiences with Sony being its vlogging partner.

"In producing creative and unique content, I look for a camera that is powerful and at the same time portable in order for me to move freely as I shoot good content - this is why I love that Sony supports the idea of shooting on a hand-held grip without compromising the footage quality," Vandroe shares.

The rise of Sony Philippines' "Total Vlogging Solutions" only proves that the brand bring its technology to the forefront vlogging solutions made accessible to all types of content creators in support of their creative pursuits.

Sony Philippines Marketing Manager Hideyuki Wada is hopeful that as the continue to come up with products that are powerful and flexible, they get to capture what the market truly deserves.

"What we offer today is a Sony camera for every type of vlogger. For those who have already made a name in industry, we give you a wide variety of cameras and accessories to chose from in ways that will elevate your content creation. For the next rising stars, you're very much welcome to choose from our innovative products that help grow your activity exponentially. This is what we have in store for our dynamic content creators with Sony Total Vlogging Solutions", Wada said. 

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