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My Takeaway from Sun Life Philippines Market Outlook Conference

I was just starting to enjoy talks, seminars, workshops and the likes about financial literacy. The events I attended with regards to it are very helpful especially now that I have growing up kids whose needs are also growing from time to time.

So let me share you some of the insights I gathered from the Market Outlook Conference I attended a week ago.

Positive Market Outlook and Economic Performance

The S&P raised the Philippines credit rating to BBB+. It's an indication of a strong economy in the first half of 2019. This credit rating also means that lenders will lower borrowing costs, both for government and private companies.

The Philippine inflation is now at 6-month lows at 3.0% for April, down from a peak of 6.7% in September. Food prices have helped depress the inflationary pressures in 2018 and this year's El Nino is expected to be relatively tame versus prior years.

It is viewed that the 2019 GDP will see a strong rebound in consumption since inflation is no longer pulling down household spending. A growth of 6.4% in 2019 and 7.0% in 2020 is being seen.

Dollar - Peso rate expected to have no change by year-end 2019.

Positive Investment from Sun Life Asset Management

The positive outlook and the market drivers show us that now is the right time to invest. To make investing easier for the average Filipinos, Sun Life Philippines offers Sun Life Prosperity Card in P1,000 denomination. 

A first in the industry, the card makes investing in mutual funds even more accessible. This stored value gift card may be used to invest in peso-denominated mutual funds managed and distributed by SLAMCI. It may be purchased for personal use or as a gift to loved ones.

Also available in P5,000 denomination, the Sun Life Prosperity Card is available for purchase at major Sun Life Client Service Centers or through a Sun Life financial advisor.

Investing has never been this easy. A lot of financial institutions are offering investment packages at a lower price but a lot of conditions are hidden. Trust only those that really deliver what they have promised.

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