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Conversations with Juan Ponce Enrile

We have had a chance to talk to Juan Ponce Enrile about a few topics and here are some of our fun conversations.

He relates to the young generation but he haven't tried K-pop which is the hottest trend among the youth of today. He reads the news on print and he watches them on tv. On leisure time, he reads mostly technical news. He loves international and domestic politics, history, culture and topography of other countries. No, he had not cited anything about Bejewelled as a source of entertainment. =)

Genghis Khan is one of the world leaders he looks up to. He ruled an empire despite of illiteracy. Asked if he believes that a diploma is needed for good governance, "The great leaders of the past don't have a diploma," he replied.

On Train Law 2, "I have not read it but heard about it." He is in favor of reviewing TRAIN 1 and TRAIN 2.

He said the importation of food products must not be a permanent structure and he will not allow other country/ies to control the food supply of the nation.

Lessons that can be learned from him? He recommends reading his book. You can probably pick up some things that you want from his experiences as a lawyer, as politicians and his beginnings.

On the latest survey, he said he never relied on surveys in all his life as a politician.

Plans when re-elected - he wants to concentrate on poverty, which is still the main problem of the country today. He wants to propose his own assessment about the cause of the problem.

"I will leave it to history if they want to remember me. I think, I have done enough for this country to be a part of her history. That's enough source of recollection. If I can do something more to alleviate the life of this nation, to solve its problems; I will present to myself again. I want to be the voice of the people, to be the one to ask questions for the people which they can not ask themselves." --- Juan Ponce Enrile, 95

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