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Casa Moriones - more than just food catering

Catering nowadays isn't just about food anymore. You need to find a catering company that will help you with every part of an event, from the tablecloths to great servers but the food is still most important.

Catering is becoming a more popular choice for events where everything, including the food, drinks, and service, is important. From weddings to business meetings, catering companies are handling more than just food.

A plate full of Pastries from Casa Moriones

Here in the southern part of Metro Manila, I have discovered a nice caterer for all your occasions and events. It's Casa Moriones, a caterer from the heart of Sta. Rosa City in Laguna.

The taste of their dishes are sophisticated and varied and catered food menus are not simple things. They can also provide food for people with special diet as they employ their own nutritionist. They always make sure to serve not just delicious but clean and healthy dishes to the guests.

The catering company provides quality dinnerware, plates with cutlery and tables, chairs, trimming - everything you might need that you can't or don't want to do yourself.

Simple yet neat and nice table set-up

You can be sure your event to be a success with their service. While they provide good food, their service is better. They employ courteous and professional staff and servers that will attend to every guest's needs.

They are not just good at set-up they also do good in the clean-up. They will leave the place as clean as it should be after the event.

Lovely to look at, lovelier to taste

If you want to know more about Casa Moriones, do check out their Facebook page :

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