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CEITEX Manila 2018, bringing the innovation of tomorrow

How important are consumer electronics and information technology in our daily life? Most of us will agree that the important role of electronics in our daily lives is just endless. The invention of such electronic gadgets has somehow made our lives easier. Almost everything has become more convenient because of these consumer electronic goods. Same with information technology. The computer is now part of every business enterprise and every educational institution in storing, transmitting, retrieving and manipulating data or information. Big corporations and companies in the field of commerce and academics rely much on information technology to reach their goals in the business and to keep their ventures up and running.

Our world nowadays is dependent on consumer electronics and information technology which is why innovations come and go, and people have to cope up with those changes. Good thing events such as CEITEX MANILA 2018 is being organized to keep the public well-informed of what's new, what's hot and what's beneficial for them.

CEITEX MANILA 2018 is the pioneering ground place for the showcase of innovations and breakthrough technologies in the world of consumer electronics & information technology. Positioned with Manila as an anchor marketplace, it is the platform for the international business exchange between Asia and the rest of the world where business leaders and pioneering products meet.

The event boasts of participation from corporate players from Asian countries with their western counterparts for the business match-up that will be highlighted by new products display, breakthrough product presentations, dedicated technology areas, professionals & student competition and ground activation of corporate promotion.

Consumer Electronics & Information Technology Expo 2018 (CEITEX 2018) is a development of bringing the innovation of tomorrow through a one-stop solution in the digital age by promoting sales and brand awareness. This event will serve as the catalyst for the country’s technological revolution, and to gain and connect within the scope of Information Technology and Electronics to a wide range of local and international industry innovators with a handful of relevant opportunities in the global perspective.

CEITEX is featuring the following categories : Power Gaming, Information Technology, Gizmos, Electronix, Ed Tech, AI Robots, Accessories, and Emission Zero.

CEITEX Manila 2018 is happening this November 2 -4, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center from 10am until 7pm. Exhibitors such as Brother, Nyxsys Philippines, Unionbank, Case Logic, SkyBiz, Yoobao and more will be present. 

For more information and updates, pls visit ceitex.com.ph and follow @ceitexmanila on Facebook.

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