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Saan aabot ang Isang Libong Piso?

Madalas nating makita sa social media and blogs ang mga katagang "Saan aabot." Saan aabot ang isan daang piso, saan aabot ang limampung piso. Sabi pa nga ng isang patalastas sa television, "Saan aabot ang bente pesos mo?"

We often hear this phrase on posts about food and travel, but this time let's use the phrase with a much deeper sense. Saan aabot ang isang libong piso mo?

Siguro, mapapaisip ka nang malalim, kung hanggang saan nga ba. With the current state of our economy - high inflation rates; high fuel, basic commodity and service prices - pero mababang pasahod, paano mo nga ba pahahabain ang buhay ng iyong isang libong piso?

Last week, I attended Sun Life's Market Outlook and Bright Offering presscon and I learned malayo pala ang kayang marating ng isang libong piso kahit sa panahon ng krisis.

With Sun Life's Prosperity Fund, you can now invest for as low as P1,000.00. Sa mas pinababang halaga mas madali na para sa isang indibidwal ang mag-impok o mag-invest sa paraan na siguradong lalago ang kanilang pera. This is perhaps, the most affordable investment there is in the country today. Investment na hindi ka malulugi at hindi ka mag-iisip kung saang kamay ng Diyos mo hahanapin ang pondo. Investment na hindi ka magdadalawang isip na sumugal dahil walang mawawala sa iyo kung susubukan mo.

I tried to check out Sun Life Prosperity Fund's website to learn more information and I found out that there's an investment calculator. I tried to compute how much would my money earn from an investment as little as P1,000.00 per month for a year, and I found out that my money can grow from as much as 8% per month. That's something that a regular bank deposit can't do.

Isa pa sa magandang offer ng Sun Life ay ang Bills Payment Program wherein they partnered with reputable banks such as the Bank of the Philippine Islands a(BPI), Metrobank, and Banco de Oro (BDO) to give the clients a more delightful experience on investing.

The Bills Payment Program enables clients to make additional investments in peso-denominated Sun Life Prosperity Funds via a bank partner's various channels such as online banking, mobile banking, automated teller machine (ATM) or over-the-counter (OTC).

The best day to start investing is now; it's time to grab this opportunity to make your money grow with the help of Sun Life's affordable and secure offering.

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