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Highlights of Puratos Philippines 30th Anniversary Celebration

Happy 30th birthday, Puratos Philippines!

Really, I was not aware of Puratos. Heard the brand name long ago, but never had an idea of what it does and what it offers. The downside of not being able to bake, you don't get to know the great names in the industry.

Puratos Philippines 30th anniversary celebration was held in SMX Aura Taguig last Oct. 24, 2018. It was attended by more or less a thousand clients, regular and seasonal customers, fans and people who are just curious about the celebration.

Here are some of the highlights of the celebration:

Inspirational Messages

Puratos General Manager Chito Medina - Cue Jr. assured that Puratos will continue to serve better bread, provide healthier quality, and produce more innovative products and services in the coming years.

Puratos Asia Regional Head Bernard Poplimont expressed his excitement how the baking industry in the Philippines is modernizing and hopeful that Puratos Philippines will keep going for the next one hundred years.

Cooking Demo

Technical Advisor Benny Vervaeck, one of the most experienced members of the team and has been active on the Asian market on behalf of Puratos for almost 30 years, shared some of his soft bread recipes.

Chef Dirk De Vriendt, Puratos Technical Advisor for patisserie worldwide shared the latest in the world of modern patisserie.

Celebrity Appearances and Performances

Modern Moms, Melissa Ricks and Helga Krapf, shared how Puratos products can make baking much easier, better, faster and fresher, even for beginners.

MOR DJ Jhai Ho hosted the second part of the program for the day, while actor Edgar Allan Guzman, heated up the afternoon with his on-stage performance.

Overflowing Food and Drinks

There were a lot of hot and cold drinks to choose from : juices from Del Monte and hot and cold brews from Crave.

A lot of booths were also offering samples of bread, pastries, cakes, and chocolates.

Freebies, Games and Prizes Galore

There were games to keep the participants alive, of course, there are prizes once they won. There were also freebies from completing certain tasks - such as mugs, notebooks, bottle openers and more.

Puratos raffled off awesome prizes such as small and medium appliances and a whopping Pangkabuhayan Package to one lucky winner.

The event was really memorable, exciting and full of fun for everyone. It can be concluded that the celebration was proof of how well Puratos has been serving its clients for 30 years now and how well they will be serving more clients in the years to come.

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