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Eminem's Venom (Music From The Marvel Film), mumble or lyrical ?

I was surprised about the release of his 10th album Kamikaze, Eminem's disses from Trump to Lil Pump. But the most brutal of them all is the track Kill Shot for MGK (Machin Gun Kelly), the largest debu of a Hip-Hop song in Youtube history. Which earned a record of 38.1 million views in it's first 24 hours.

After dissing a president, critics and mumble rappers. I heard the Venom's sound track in the movie sung by Eminem, a music from the motion picture by Eminem. Listen to the video below:

What do you think about his rap in this music video ? Mumble or Lyrical ?
My only thought is, Hey Rap God. This is a mumble too, why diss the mumble rappers.

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