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How Kwikset Roadshow in Manila changed the way I see LOCKS

The Kwikset Roadshow Manila 2018 taught me a lot about locks. As a head of the family, I know how important locks are in our home, but many times I fail to use the right one for our security.

So what convinced me that Kwikset is really a lock that is worth the investment?

Kwikset offers quality and durable locks. We were given the chance to touch and feel the different metals that are used for locks. There were few known brands which we tried to test the malleability. Only the type of metal that Kwikset uses for their products was not bent. While most metals were easily bent, that material from Kwikset's was not even bent a little.

I also saw how durable the Kwikset locks are when they were submerged in chemical ie. ammonia. Nothing happened to the Kwikset locks while the other brands of locks oxidized and changed its color into something like a burnt one.

The best part of testing Kwikset's durability and strength is when few guests tried to hit the knobs. Brand X was easily broke and detached from the wood in just 2 or 3 hits while Kwikset stayed attached even after hitting 5 times or more.

Security-wise, I think Kwikset locks are the most secure. In one of the tests, picking tools were used to manipulate the components of the lock device. Guests tried to unlock 2 unknown brands and they easily did it, but when they tried it to Kwikset's lock, they found it hard no matter how much they tried. This is because Kwikset uses the patented side-locking bar technology - a recent innovation from Kwikset which is an improvement on the traditional pin and tumbler design.

When it comes to design, Kwikset offers a contemporary design that will match any type of interior or exterior of a house.

Kwikset also offers the latest when it comes to innovation and technology. There's the KEVO, an innovation used on smart locks which enables keyless entry. With Kevo, you can remotely lock or unlock the home through a smartphone and a Bluetooth.

Kwikset is, I guess the first to introduce a re-key tool that enables you to change the key that operates your lock. It is one of the best features of the Smartkey technology, which eliminates the need for a locksmith.

Kwikset is also ANSI/BHMA Certified. This means that their products are tested and audited and provide the buyer with a certain level of quality assurance. The certification leads to higher design specifications and manufacturing procedures, resulting in a higher-quality product.

After all those tests and exhibitions, I was really convinced that Kwikset is one of the best if not the best, and it is about time that I should think of buying the lock that is tested and trusted and that delivers what it promised. Kwikset is just another good investment in a house because it does not only secure the premises and the lives of people inside but it also adds a higher value to a home.

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